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June 14, 2006

The Four Noble Truths of Entering Communications

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Business is business right? Wrong. Well, sort of right I guess. At the heart of all business is money, what distinguishes one business from another is what they do to make that money. In the communication industry, what they do boils down to this… anything. If you want to succeed here, you’ll have to improvise, adapt and overcome to do just that, anything to survive. Knowing these 4 Noble Truths will help you along the way…

  Truth 1: The Biz means suffering.

I wish it weren’t true, I sincerely do, but the biz is suffering. Sure, there’s no more tests, no more late night cramming, but face it, business is tough. To succeed, you have to let go of your preconceived notions of what entering the business world will be like. Not everyone gets an internship at Teen Vogue and goes to glam parties. Not everyone steps into a leadership role. Not everyone does whatever the hell it is Samantha on Sex in the City does. Real communicators work, and they work hard. They lose sleep, energy and maybe even a finger during an all-night press briefing book binding session. The sooner you come to this realization, the closer you are to attaining Comm Nirvana.

  Truth 2: The origin of suffering is attachment.

Attachment is only good if it’s in reference to an e-mail you are sending off for copy editing. Don’t become attached to sleeping in and late nights at the bars. Do become attached to your keyboard and your cell phone. They will guide you. (Funny how all guides have those little contradictions huh?) Also, this refers to your attachments to certain ways of producing your work. Yes, in college, your teacher wanted everything by the book, but in the real world that doesn’t fly. Develop your own style (within the parameters of your agency of course) and let that by-the-book style go.

  Truth 3: The cessation of suffering is attainable

I didn’t get it either when I took philosophy. Was Buddha saying, just die? What I take this as meaning for a communication guru, is this: don’t ever stop learning. Ever. There are always new ways to do things, new ways to look at things and gosh darn, some of them don’t even suck. End your suffering by ending your attachments and by learning each and every day.

  Truth 4: The path to the cessation of suffering

This is your roadmap, only it’s not going to be found on Google maps. This is yours. It’s in your head and your heart. Buddha teaches moderation; no hedonism or asceticism practiced here.



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