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June 21, 2006

What? Reality TV Isn’t Really Real?

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News flash rocket scientists; reality TV is about as real as Ashlee Simpson’s nose or professional wrestling. While all three are fun to watch for their own reasons (reality TV for it’s dramatic plots, Ashlee for the off chance that she might lip-sync and pro-wrestling because of the obviously fake fighting) they simply are not real.


Let’s take a look at some prominent shows featuring PR-type occupations…


MTV’s “PoweR Girls”

Premise: Lizzie Grubman, self-proclaimed PR guru, struts her stuff as the Donald Trump to her sorority-esque minions.


The Low-down:

Grubman sends her PR (I use this term very loosely) minions to do such hard tasks as: send party invitations, make sure the red carpet gets vacuumed, make sure the “O.C.” cast gets to P. Diddy’s party on time.



This is pure crap. The show takes the already tainted PR name and drags it through the mud. Ok, worse than the mud, they drag it through a trough of horse manure and then drop it down the hole of a port-a-potty. This show isn’t about public relations, it’s about publicity. Any “professional” who has a media list with The National Enquirer, Tiger Beat and Teen People on it isn’t out there doing PR. This show gives women in communication a bad rap


MTV’s The Hills

Premise: L.C. from L.B. moves to L.A. Laguna Beach alumnae Lauren moves to Los Angeles to enroll in the fashion design school.


The Low-down:

Hmmm… where should she get an internship? Oh weird, Teen Vogue hires her! How much did they pay MTV for that one? Regardless of that, LC is the most real part of this show, balancing her work with school and a mild social life. Her roommate and seemingly the person who tries to ruin her life, Heidi, drops out of fashion school (I can hear Frankie Valley now) and gets her “dream job” working for a night club promotions agency… Turns out her “dream job” involves stuffing envelopes and ordering her boss sandwiches (OK, so I guess there is some reality to this).



When it comes down to it, this show is about as real as my chances of getting with Jennifer Anniston (READ: Not gonna happen). LC has her crap together, but Heidi “meets” a guy in a bar and gets a job, then goes galavanting around doing event promotions? Nope. No way. WRONG.


My cure for this? My new show idea called “Publicly Related”


Premise: The show follows 3 PR interns starting at three different agencies. One starts off at a world-wide agency and spends half their day getting coffee and making copies. Yes, this happens at some places, get over it. Intern two works in-house for, let’s say, Microsoft. They work on mainly marketing stuff and don’t see the light very much. Intern three starts out at a “smaller” firm.


The Low-down:

This show can have all the “drama” of any other show, but without the glitz and glamour. Real life does have drama. The PR industry is an exciting place and stuff happens all the time.


Assessment: It’ll never happen. Why? Because people like me still tune in and drop out when shows like The Hills come on TV. Maybe it makes me feel better about myself. Maybe I like to make myself feel like crap because I worked to get where I am. Maybe my roommates lost the remote again and I am too lazy to lift the couch up and look for it. The choice is yours… choose your own adventure.



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  1. do the unexpected for the sake of creating chaos was what the Joker told to the Two Face. Click

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